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Dryer Series 30,50,75,120,170,190,200 Pound,(15, 23,34,54,77,86,90kg)

DE Series

Discover the Benefits – Safe Reliable and Simple to use at an Affordable Price

The DE Series dryer offers a wide selection of capacities, heating alternatives and control systems.

It is the ideal dryer for self-service laundries and medium to large size professional laundries.

The dryers will boost your productivity and at the same time save energy. You will get more for every

Btu or kilowatt used. The robust design and the ergonomically located control panels will provide a

long life of tough handling. The large doors on all models make loading and unloading easy.

The Image DE Series – Economy High Efficiency Dryers for General

Laundry Applications and Small to Medium Size On-Premise Laundries

All dryers can be provided with our flexible and simple microprocessor.

With a button you have total control over the dryer for optimum drying.

The microprocessor monitors the temperatures, drying action and the performance

with unsurpassed accuracy to ensure trouble free operation. The alphanumeric

display is large and easy to read. A cool down and anti wrinkle feature keeps the

machine in a cool down mode after the cycle has finished. The computer helps

enhance safety in the laundry by verifying airflow and monitoring

the temperature sensor and door.

Simple Microprocessor Control

The large door opens making loading and unloading easy.

The door glass is attached to the door without a gasket providing a long

lasting door that offers security and low maintenance over the life of the

machine. The door is provided with a safety switch that will stop the

machine when the door is opened. A simple magnetic latch keeps the

door closed during operation.

Large Strong Door with Gasketless Door Glass

Economy High Efficiency Dryers

The DE Series features a sturdy cylinder design with double sealed bearings

and a quiet belt drive. The pulleys are cast iron for durability. A heavy base

frame protects the machine during shipping and installation. The painted

totally enclosed cabinet provides excellent protection against corrosion

and utilizes heavy gauge steel and welded design that makes it stronger than

any other dryer on the market. The cabinet is a fully enclosed design with

insulation that improves efficiency by capturing radiant heat and retaining it inside the dryer.

It also lowers the noise level and improves the working conditions inside your laundry.

The drying cylinder is galvanized steel, or optionally, all stainless steel 304